Product Questions

1How do I get started with my 3D Printer?
You will find a very detailed and straight forward user guide in the each box of your 3D Printer. If you have some questions, you can also check out our tutorial page at : Video Tutorials
2Does my printer have a heated print bed and why do I need one?
All printers available at include a heated bed. ProFab Mini’s heated bed can reach temperatures up to 90º C, while the one in Raise 3D N2 series can reach 110º C . Heated beds are used because they significantly improve the print quality by keeping the extruded plastic warm and therefore preventing warping. Warping is a common issue where the plastic on the end of the print cools off unevenly in relation to the plastic on the inside of the print which causes the edges of the print to warp. While it is recommended to use a heated bed in general with materials like PLA as it makes adhesion better, it makes it easier to remove the print and as we mentioned above it considerably improves print quality, for some materials such as ABS and PC a heated bed is pretty much a requirement.
3What materials can I print on my 3D printer?
All printers offered at our website have been rigorously tested and have been proven to give the best results when being used with ProFab Premium PLA or one of the materials offered by our partners from Polymaker. Both ProFab Mini and the Raise 3D N2 series work flawlessly with PolyPlus, PolyMax, PolyFlex, PolyWood and PolySmooth. For a dedicated slicing profile for each material for the ProFab Mini you can find here: Download Section. Raise 3D N2 series printers are also able to print high temperature materials such as PC Plus and PC Max.
4Can my printer print composite materials?
Yes, all printers we sell are capable of printing composite materials. However, printing in materials not included in the manufactured recommended materials may void the warranty. For the ProFab Mini, you can find the list of approved materials on the product page under Recommended Materials Tab Materials List. In order to ensure you take advantage of the full warranty we advise using only materials from the approved list.
5Why do I need BuildTak printing surface on my bed?
BuildTak has been specifically developed to provide better adhesion by creating an optimal bond between the 3D printed object and the bed, which is extremely important. If you already have experience with 3D printing you understand the frustration of finding your print has detached itself from the bed after hours of printing and all that time and material have been wasted. BuildTak is also very easy to install, it protects the build plate, it is very durable and can be used for many consecutive prints.
6What is a clogged nozzle and how can I resolve that issue?
One of the challenges of 3D printing could be a jammed nozzle. Most often the reason for blocking of the extruder is the material - sometimes the diameter is not consistent or the quality is not very good. In order to avoid that issue we strongly recommend only using the approved materials as they have gone through extensive testing and quality control and they are guaranteed to produce a perfect and flawless experience every time. Another reason could be the material you used was not stored properly which resulted in moisture being absorbed in it and therefore the performance is affected. ProFab Premium PLA and all of Polymaker’s materials come in a vacuum bag which includes a small silica gel pouch in it - we advise keeping the material in its packaging when not being used in order to preserve its qualities longer. Another potential reason could be the printing temperature - please refer to the material’s User Guide or the information on our website under each product page to make sure you have selected the correct settings. If you are however having this issue and your extruder is clogged please refer to our tutorials page for a video on how to unclog the nozzle: Video Tutorials
7My printer is making a clicking noise, what could it be and how do I resolve it?
There are a couple of reasons why your printer could be making unusual noises. The first reason may be that the motors are skipping steps. To resolve this, check the temperature of the stepper motors. Try lower the room temperature or give your printer sufficient time between each print to cool down. Another reason may be that the bot step on the electronics board may be overheating. Ensure that there is both sufficient airflow to the board and that the bot step has a heat sink attached. Another reason may be that there may be obstruction in the way of the X-Y or Z axis. Finally one of the main reasons for hearing this may be that your reading gear or hobbled gear is grinding the filament and not able to apply sufficient pressure to push through the hot end. This may be due to a jam or obstruction in the hot end or the printing temperatures may be too low. If you are printing too close the the bed, the filament spool is not feeding into the extruder motor easily and causing back pressure. Finally there may be particles stuck between the teeth of the hobbled gear in which case remove the filament and clean with tweezers or a pointed tool.
8How do I level the bed?
Levelling the bed is extremely important in order to guarantee the print quality and the successful completion of the print. Your printer comes pre-levelled, however sometimes during transportation it is possible that the bed moves slightly and you will need to level it again. Here is a video on how to do it: Video Tutorials
9How do I load my material?
Loading the material in the printer is a very straight forward process. Check out our tutorial page for a video on how to do that: Video Tutorials
10What is the maximum print volume of my printer?
The maximum print volume of the Raise 3D N2 is 305mm X 305mm X 305mm. The print volume of the Raise 3D N2 Plus is 305mm X 305mm X 610mm. In short - it is huge. The maximum print volume of the ProFab Mini is 120mmX120mm. However, that does not mean you cannot print bigger models - go to our tutorials page to find out how to use the slicing software in order to print models in parts which fit your print bed.
11Why isn’t my print sticking to the bed?
ProFab Mini and Raise 3D N2 come with a sheet of BuildTak print surface pre-installed in order to ensure better adhesion between the print and the bed. However, if your print is still not sticking very well the problem most likely is that the bed is not levelled and it is too far from the nozzle. Go to our tutorials page for a video on how to level your bed: Also, ensure that you have the heated bed operating at temperatures of around 60 degrees for PLA and between 80 and 90 for ABS.
12What is a slicer and what kinds of slicers can I use?
Slicing software generally serves as an interpreter for your 3D printer by converting a 3D file such as STL or OBJ into a GCODE which translates the model in individual layers. Raise 3D have their own slicing software which has specific profiles for the N2 series. You could download for free here: On the SD card that comes with the ProFab Mini you can find installation files for Cura, one of the most commonly used slicing software programmes. Both Raise 3D N2 series and the ProFab Mini can work with other slicing softwares such as Simplified 3D as well. You can find the specific profiles ProFab’s team have developed for Cura and some other popular slicers here: Also, if you are new to 3D printing you can check out our tutorial on how to use slicing software at our tutorials page Video Tutorials
13How do I use the ProFab Mini mobile application?
The app has been designed so that it can offer a very easy and straight forward user experience to activate the wifi on your 3D printer. This app is only designed to activate the wifi. In order to use the remote monitoring option, simply enter the IP Address that appears on your printer screen after the app process was successful. Please refer to this video for a small introduction on how to use it:
14How do I update the firmware on my 3D printer?
For firmware or software updates please visit Wiki Page
15Why is my heated bed not heating up?
This may be due to a number of reasons. The three main reasons are that in your slicer settings you have not set a temperature of your bed. In this case please go back to your slicer and under “Temperatures” choose your heated bed and select the desired temperature. Second reason could be a loose or broken wire, please inspect the wire from the bed to the board for any visible kinks, breaks or loose connections. Third reason could be a faulty or burn port on your mother board. In this case please contact support.
16Why is my screen reading unusual temperatures?
There could be a number of issues why your temperatures are reading incorrectly. As always first thing we suggest is turn off your printer and turn it back on. For any irregular readings the wire from the thermistor to the extruder or the heat bed can be either loose, broken or disconnected from the mother board. Please check the wiring to see if there are any broken or loose wires. If so, please contact Customer Support.
17Where do I get the mobile application for my ProFab Mini?
You can go to and click on the link which will take to the Apple Store for iOS or the Google PlayStore for Android.
18 What is a dual extruder?
A dual extruder system allows you to print in multiple materials at the same time. This gives you an opportunity to mix colours or to use dedicated support materials such as PolySupport.
19How do I use the WiFi functionality on my Raise 3D?
In order to use the wifi functionality, you must be using the Raise3D's Slicing software Ideamaker. To activate the wifi capability on the printer, click the gear icon in the top right corner of the touch screen. Go down to network and enter your wifi details. After you have connected your printer to the network, open Ideamaker and then navigate to top right hand side of the software to the Connect icon then choose your printer ID Address.
20How should I store my material?
Storing your material properly is essential for prolonging its life and ensuring its print qualities. ProFab Premium PLA and Polymaker’s portfolio of materials come in a vacuum bag which includes a small silica gel pouch in it - we advise keeping the material in its packaging when not being used in order to make sure no humidity is absorbed and it is preserved better. How do I print with PLA? Printing in PLA does not require a heated bed even though having one has proven to provide better printing results. Recommended printing temperature is 195-230° C for 1.75mm diameter and 210-230° C for 2.85mm diameter. The recommended print speed is 40-90mm/s. For more information you can refer to your product sheet or contact our team.
21What materials require a heated bed?
A heated bed is recommended when using all materials, but it is especially necessary when printing with ABS and Polycarbonate.
22How many prints do I get from one spool of material?
It is very hard to answer this question as it hugely depends on the size, the design of the models and the printing settings (what percentage of infill are you using and whether the part requires support material). To give you a very rough estimate, one spool of 750 grams can print about 300 standard size chess pieces.
23Do you sell larger spools?
Yes, we offer 3 kg spools. For orders or more questions, please contact us at
24How strong is PolyMax?
Very... It 9 times stronger than regular PLA
25How strong is PC MAX?
Let’s just say it can lift a full car: It would even put Superman to shame:
26How do I post process my prints?
In general after the print is ready it does not need post processing. However, you can sand, paint and post process your prints and create some really cool designs.
27How do I print in PolyFlex?
Printing in PolyFlex does not require a heated bed even though having one has proven to provide better printing results. Recommended printing temperature is 220-235° C. The recommended print speed is 30-90mm/s. For more information you can refer to your product sheet or contact our team.
28How do I print in PolyWood?
Printing in PolyWood does not require a heated bed even though having one has proven to provide better printing results. Recommended printing temperature is 200-235° C for 1.75mm diameter and 200-235° C for 2.85mm diameter. The recommended print speed is 30-60mm/s. For more information you can refer to your product sheet or contact our team.
29How do I print in PC Max?
Printing in PC Max requires a heated bed temperature of 80°, as well as a BuildTak sheet to ensure adhesion. It is also recommended to have an enclosure around the printer which can ensure a controlled environment with consistent humidity level and temperature. Recommended printing temperature is 250-270° C. The recommended print speed is 30-60mm/s. For more information you can refer to your product sheet or contact our team.
30How do I print in PolySmooth?
Printing in PolySmooth requires heated bed temperatures of up to 70°C. Recommended printing temperature is 210-230° C. The recommended print speed is 40-90mm/s. For more information you can refer to your product sheet or contact our team.
31What is PolySupport and are there any special requirements?
PolySupport is a dedicated material that generates support structures that can be easily removed by hand. In order to print in PolySupport you need a printer with dual extruder system that allows you to print in two different materials at the same time.
32How do I operate my Polysher?
For information on how to use your Polysher you can refer to your user guide or check the following video
33How do I fill the Polysher's Reservoir ?
Simple turn on the machine, open the chamber to its full height and then slide the transparent shell upward. Tilt the shell back balance it on the z-axis lid. Remove the reservoir grill cover, get the pipette that was included in the packaging and fill the reservoir to a max height of 80%. Replace the Grill and chamber shell and close the chamber.
34What liquid do I use?
The Polysher is designed to only use alcohol or alcohol solutions (with concentrations of 80% or higher) as the polishing liquid. It is not recommended to use liquids/solvents other than isopropanol or ethanol.
35What materials can I polish?
The Polysher is designed to only work with PolySmooth and alcohol; in addition PLA and ABS are not polishable with alcohol.
36Is the Polysher safe to use?
Safety has always been one of the key considerations in designing the Polysher. Polymaker’s technology is intrinsically safer because no heating is involved, the nebulizer technology requires only a very small reservoir, it is a liquid-phase polishing rather than vapour-phase polishing process (the latter is more dangerous for a number of reasons). They have also implemented a number of safety features into the machine such as multiple sensors to detect any sign of malfunction of the nebulizer, chamber open/close sensor (the machine won’t start if the chamber is open, and will automatically terminate if the chamber is accidentally open during polishing), all electronic components (running at very low voltages) are properly sealed, and no spark can be generated inside the chamber.
37What is PolySmooth?
PolySmooth is neither PLA nor ABS; it is a new material based on PVB (polyvinyl butyral), formulated/designed specifically to combine "smoothability" and excellent printing characteristics.
38What is the maximum sized part I can fit in the Polysher?
The Polysher can polish parts up to a 15 cm * 18 cm (diameter * height) cylinder.
39How do I install and prime the nebuliser?
To learn how to install the nebuliser you can follow the instruction manual of your Polysher or check out this video:
40How long does it take to polish a part?
t depends on the size of your print and how polished you wish it to be. In general it takes between 20 to 40 minutes, for larger prints close to the maximum volume we recommend putting the part in multiple times in various orientations for intervals of 5 to 10 minutes each until you have achieved your desired surface.

Shipping & Payment

1What is the shipping rate?
Our shipping rates vary between countries and it depends on your location. We also offer free shipping throughout Europe with the purchase of ProFab Mini 3D printer and one 750 gram spool of ProFab Premium PLA in a colour of your choice.
2What are your shipping options?
Our standard shipping option is DPD Economy. In case you need an express service please contact customer support to receive a quotation for the charges. 2. How long does shipping take? Thanks to our strategic locations we are able to offer very quick and efficient shipping services. Depending on where in Europe you are located, shipping can take between 2-7 working days.
3When will my products be dispatched?
Items which are in stock will be dispatched within 24 hours and you will receive an email with a tracking number. In case the items you have purchased are currently out of stock or dispatch may be delayed, a member of our customer support team will get in touch with you.
4What is my warranty?
Different products offer different warranty. Please refer to your User Guide for more information.
5What method payments can I use?
We support secure payments through Master Card, Maestro, Visa, Visa Electron, V Pay, Bank Transfer or PayPal. Please note that payments via PayPal will be charged an additional service fee.
6Is it safe to make purchases on
Absolutely. We use an internationally accepted SSL security system to encrypt all credit card payments made via the website. The SSL security certificates have been issued by… with 128 bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) cryptographic codes in order to guarantee maximum security for communications.
7When will the charge be made to my card?
We process all purchases after the have gone through the system in order to ensure the item you have purchased is in stock. Your card will be charged upon the dispatch of your order and you will receive a confirmation email.
8I have a discount code, how can I use it?
During the Check Out process you will see a field named “Discount Code”. You can enter your coupon there and the discount will be automatically deducted.
9I am a registered business with a valid VAT number, how do I ensure VAT does not get added to my purchase?
During Check Out make sure you select Business Customer and add your VAT number. The system will automatically deduct VAT.
10Do I need to pay VAT?
If you are a private customer located in Europe we need to add VAT to your purchase. In case you are a business customer and you are VAT registered, you can add your VAT number during check out and VAT will be automatically deducted.
11What happens after I place an order?
After you place an order, you will receive an email to confirm your order is being processed. We will verify the items you have purchased are in stock and we will prepare them for dispatch. You will receive an email with confirmation and a tracking number once the items have been pick up by our logistics partners.
12What are the Shipping Rate Zones?
The shipping rates are calculated based on zones or regions in Europe. Below are the shipping zones for Europe; Zone 1: Bulgaria Zone 2: Hungary, Austria Zone 2.1: Germany Zone 3: Belgium, United Kingdom, Italy, Luxembourg, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, France, Netherlands, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark Zone 4: Estonia, Ireland, Spain, Latvia, Lithuania, Portugal, Finland, Sweden Zone 5: Greece, Romania Zone 6: Malta, Cyprus

General Questions

1Where can I find a support community for the products I have purchased?
We have a great support network through our social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. There you can ask us or many of our other customers for troubleshooting or other questions. For the ProFab Mini you can check their forum page For any inquiries on the Raise 3D you can head over Raise3D Forum
2My question isn’t here, where can I find help?
If you are still having problems and you couldn't find the answer here you can always send us a message us here and we will get back you asap:
3Do you have a Facebook or Twitter page?
Yes, PrintFab3D have both Facebook and Twitter pages, where our customers and other printing ethusiats share and comment on new materials, impressive prints and help troubleshoot each other projects or printing queries.   You can find us Twitter at: Twitter   You can find us Facebook at: Facebook

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